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Travellers sites at Langham    Summer  2003



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Travellers sites at Langham


Map of northern sites in Word

Issues surrounding Travellers' sites (under development)


Looking south from Lodge Lane


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The following has been obtained from the old  Langham village website and the Report to Cabinet on the Assessment of candidate sites.


Colchester had an authorised gypsy site in the Hythe but over the years this was vandalised by the inhabitants and closed. County have told the Borough that they must either find another gypsy site or reopen the site at the Hythe. The Hythe area is to be redeveloped into a prestige area and so the Borough are desperate to find an alternative site. The Borough tried to identify a suitable site themselves but every site met with local opposition and was rejected. The Borough then employed independent consultants, CDN, to find a site. CDN have produced a three tier system of selection where a site is assessed on the first tier (Location), and if it passes, it is assessed on tier two (Access and Infrastructure), and then tier three (Deliverability, Design and Management). CDN say that they have assessed a large number of potential sites and have produced a short list of three sites which are:

1. Land off the old Ipswich Road, near the Crown interchange,

2. Land to the east of Severalls Lane and

3. Land to the west of Severalls Lane.

All three of the sites would have a major impact on Langham, the neighbouring villages and communities and the local businesses.

Tier 1  criteria and scores (click here)

Tier 2  criteria and scores (click here)


A look at the sites: East and West of Severalls Lane


click here for see detailed Ordnance Survey map for site locations






Image produced from the Ordnance Survey Get-a-map service.

Image reproduced with kind permission of Ordnance Survey and Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland.



An overview of the Severalls Lane sites from the airfield perimeter track .. click for a much larger picture!


Severalls Lane East


The familiar happenings at the junction of Langham Lane and Langham Road/Severalls Lane. People are going to Coleman's for their meat, to The Garden Centre, and Robert is off delivering the milk!

The entrance to the East Severalls Lane site is, at present, at a lethal bend on the road.

The East Severalls Lane site is a large field, admittedly beyond the needs of the project, that has a steep bank leading to the road as it climbs up the A12 bridge.




The entrance to the site is presently ploughed up, presumably to deter travellers!


Issues that affect near-neighbours of the East Severalls Lane site include the selling of property, the price that the property will now fetch, and the security of livestock.


Many fields in the area of the three sites contain horses kept in paddocks. 'Horseyculture' is a well-known phenomenon of the land next to urban areas, but the presence of travellers adjacent to these fields will inevitably cause a radical rethink.





An electricity sub-station lies between the site and seven Saints Rare breeds. Access to this facility is via a steep ramp down from Severalls Lane.

Severalls Lane East



The attractive drive to Whitehouse Farm, looking back towards Severalls Lane and both sites.


From the farm drive towards Severalls Lane and the bridge over the A12. the trees to the right, on the skyline, screen the site from the A12.





The approach to Whitehouse Farm. The Severalls Lane West site is to the left of the drive.


From Severalls Lane towards the A12, services, and Whitehouse Farm.


From the bridge over the A12 on Severalls Lane. The trees on the skyline are a wedge of greenery leading from the bridge almost to the services.





A long shot over the site from the elevated lie of Severalls Lane where it meets the A12 bridge.


New neighbours for the site are being erected daily at Mersey Homes, on the corner of Mill Road and Severalls Lane. Rapid Electronics can also be seen in the distance.


Rapid electronics will be the first business on the Colchester side of the A12.


The roundabout at Colchester Business Park, showing building from that park, Rapid Electronics and the estate of Mersea Homes.

Already businesses are conscious of restricting access to parts of a site.


Rapid Electronics really is a good landmark. This photograph has been taken from the airfield track. The rural nature of the northern side of the A12 is clearly seen.




off Ipswich Road



The site is approached from Colchester along the slip road to the A12.


A public footpaths skirts the site on its southern flank, a path which then traverses the site towards the north.





From the same vantage point as the footpath photo, the A12 is seen at the foot of a steep cutting.

A number of issues surround the site off the old Ipswich Road, from its access through an aggregates firm's yard, to footpath access to any settlement, for services or schools, and to its location within an area of small, but burgeoning local businesses that are in isolated positions, despite proximity to an urban area.

The present access to the site is occupied by an aggregates firm, where stock is left out in the yard at all times.





Any access to Colchester by foot will have to contend with the Ipswich Road roundabout

The site is presently rough grassland, and a  sometimes store for lorry trailers.

The nearness of the dual-carriageway to Ipswich, and its eye-level position, would not be easily sound-proofed!


Worries about unauthorised access to potential sites for travellers have caused many openings in the area to be blocked off.

A field opening roughly blocked by soil on Birchwood Road. 


A field next to the Car Boot site is blocked by tree stumps.





Tier 3  criteria    Severalls  West   Severalls East  Cymbeline  Lodge Lane


This will relate to the more detailed and site specific aspects of the site assessment process, relating to areas such as:


Ease of acquisition

Notional cost in acquirement and delivery

Satisfaction of identified need

Impact on residential amenity of settled and travelling residents

Level of obtrusiveness

Possible site design



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