Post War - the airfield in the years since World War 2









Boxted Airfield











Detachment "B" 65th Fighter Wing















After the USAAF left, the airfield reverted to the RAF and the night fighter Mosquitoes of 25 Squadron, and the Meteors of 124 and 234 Squadrons. However because of the proximity of Colchester and the higher speed of post war aircraft the airfield closed in 1947. For some years after this the runways and the grass continued to be used by light aircraft and by crop spraying aircraft.

In 1961 the two hangers and many other buildings were sold and in 1963 the land was offered back to the original owners. After that the majority of the airfield became apple orchards although parts of each runway remained as did some of the perimeter track.


In 2006 the airfield was sold and much of it is now devoted, amongst other crops, to growing onions.


In 1992 the Parish Council had leased some land where the main runway crosses Park Lane and erected a Monument to those who served on the airfield. It incorporates three of the large concrete bases used for landing lights. When the land was sold in 2006 the Parish Council bought the land immediately surrounding the Monument and started to plan its renovation. The first phase of this was completed in time for Remembrance Sunday 2007 and actual Monument is now clad in black granite. The second phase of the renovation involved the building of a low wall behind the Monument and landscaping of the immediate area. This was completed in time for a ceremony on April 19 2008, marking its restoration.



The Monument on Remembrance Sunday 2007.